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Abigail Lafreniere testimony

This past Sunday, Abigail shares about her experience at Sarah Moore Green elementary school.  On Saturday April 16th, we are going to be serving at Sarah Moore Green along with several others locations as part of Inasmuch United Knoxville.  Here is what Abigail shared:  

Most people are introduced to a church by a friend, a sign, the building, a social event, a special class or perhaps a dynamic speaker … I was introduced to Cornerstone Church through acts of service at Sarah Moore Greene. I am a teacher at SMG. At the beginning of the year I heard there was going to be a prayer walk just before the start of the school year. Folks were coming to walk the halls and pray for students, families, the community and staff. Many of our teachers pray daily for those same things but I was struck that a church, outside of the immediate community, would come to do such an important and powerful thing. During the year, one of my student’s house burnt down and I was seeking prayers and assistance for the family. One of my former colleagues from Sarah Moore Greene and a member of Cornerstone, Kathleen Basham, contacted me to say that Cornerstone did service work for SMG and she would gladly contact one of the pastors to let them know of the family’s need. Another day, I came down the hallway and observed a group of people serving the teachers goodies as an act of kindness and appreciation. While this may be a regular event at other schools but to be real, it doesn’t happen very often at Sarah Moore Greene. Finally, I arrived in the workroom one day to find a large collection of school supplies donated by.. you got it, Cornerstone. Most of the SMG children arrive everyday with backpacks containing limited to NO school supplies. Teachers must provide the majority of supplies using their own money.

As you think about the families in need at Sarah Moore Greene, they desire many of the same things we all desire… for our children to be safe, encouraged, receive a good education, to be healthy and happy. The families want their children and themselves to have opportunities to that will lead to successful futures and positive impactful relationships. The chances that Sarah Moore Greene families will achieve success greatly increases when people come along side of them mentoring, assisting, supporting and encouraging them to accomplish everyday activities that can and will improve their lives. I think about Jesus, as he walked the Earth, he too walked along side people as they did everyday things. While doing those things, Jesus’ words and actions taught those around him who GOD is. When you walk along side, assisting people in need, you too show who GOD is.

Cornerstone’s service work continued to cross my path at a school in which every day there is a great need for God’s generous hand of service. I began to be very curious to know more … I hooked up with my good friends and Sarah Moore Greene colleagues Emily Gamble and Kathleen Basham to ask each one about Cornerstone. They are amazing ambassadors for both Christ and Cornerstone. Each shared with me their experiences attending Cornerstone. I was so impacted by the continued examples of service and outreach I wanted my family to check out Cornerstone. At the time, my family was looking for a church and when we came to visit we found that what happens outside the walls of this church by its members reflects what happens within the walls of this church. So what initially drew my family to Cornerstone was not a friend, a sign, the building, a social event, a special class or a dynamic speaker but it was Cornerstone’s acts of service at Sarah Moore Greene where the struggle is real and the need is great.