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Moneylife Course this week

This week, for our Cornerstone U, we are kicking-off the Crown Moneylife course.  This is a 5-week course looking into what the scriptures have to say about money and possessions.  During this course, we will dive into:

  • A biblical view of financesMLPFS
  • Reducing debt
  • Giving generously
  • How much to save vs. how much to give
  • How we should view our "stuff"

With each of these topics, we want to hear what God has to say from his Word.  There are hundreds of scriptures that teach us not just what to do, but what to believe.  How we use God's resources reveals a lot about what we think about God. 

The Moneylife course teaches, "the most practical thing we could ever learn is to apply spiritual truth to our every decision.  There are literally thousands of verses in the Bible about handling money and possessions, and it was a subject of particular focus for Jesus himself.  The financial principles contained in God's Word have stood the test of time. They are tested, reliable, trustworthy, and given for our benefit.  There is no higher standard for financial principles than those given by God."

While giving you helpful tools and calculators, the course is most helpful in giving us God's Word.  

If you want to check out the course to see if it's right for you, you can come this Sunday.  It starts at 8:45 in the Tulip Poplar Room.