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Five Ways to Jump Start Your Devotions

"Spending meaningful time alone with God is one of the most important aspects of the Christian life, but it is also one of the most difficult to sustain. Failure in this area, real or perceived, is common and is guilt inducing for most Christians. We give many different reasons for our struggle: it bores us, it discourages us, it’s work, we’re busy with the things we really have to do, and so on. But I suspect the vast majority of our problem boils down to some version of a simple truth: it doesn’t always feel good.

So, I’d like to recommend a few out-of-the-box ways to re-spark a struggling devotional life, but in light of what I’ve just said above, let me make two things crystal clear at the outset. First, my goal in encouraging devotions isn’t to help you feel good. It’s wonderful when you come away from time with God uplifted, encouraged, and re-energized. But in itself, how you feel about it isn’t the point. (Which is good, because my own devotional time this morning was the emotional equivalent of drinking soda that’s been sitting out all night.) Second, your hope can never be pinned on a specific devotional technique. There is no one way of having quiet times that, if you could just find and practice it, guarantees solid or faithful devotions. The sooner we accept that even benefitting from our Bibles is a gift of God, the better off we’ll be.

And this brings me to my final introductory point. I’ve said that the goal of devotions isn’t emotional experience (though we are right to rejoice when our feelings are touched). We could add that it isn’t checking a box, or fulfilling a duty. Instead, the point of devotions is to engage with God personally. It’s showing up as the person you are and actually interacting with the person he is. Here, then, are four suggestions of how you can do that."


Full article from writer Alasdair Groves and CCEF here: