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Janice Pierce Testimony

This past Sunday, Janice shared about the care and comfort she received from God, through many friends who surrounded her during a tough season. Here is what she shared:

When I reflect on my time thus far, here at Cornerstone, the phrase found in Esther 4:14 comes quickly to mind----"For such a time as this." I have had two distinct moments in my life where the Lord clearly brought this phrase to my mind and heart. The first time was on the threshold of my seven year journey in the care of my father who was developing severe dementia. The next came after we had been here at Cornerstone a few months. In the first instance, the phrase was a call for me to realize God's sovereign plans for me to care for my Dad and be his advocate and ally up until the time God would take him home to heaven. In regards to the next time the statement impacted my life, it was more in terms of realizing God had brought Cornerstone into my life at just the right time to equip me for the aforementioned journey with Dad and for so much more.

As Dad's condition worsened, I would come to worship here depleted--- physically, emotionally and spiritually. I was aching to be revived and filled up to face the upcoming week. And without fail the Lord used the praise, prophecy, message, and fellowship here to fortify my faith and renew me! Each Sunday I received strength and power from God through worshipping with you. These weekly encounters with God helped me navigate the difficulties of life.

Along with refreshing worship, the Lord began to immerse me more and more in the grace-centered culture at Cornerstone through our Community group, the women's Legacy Groups, and the Connect group. Respectful of time limitations, I would speak to the Lord's gentle touch and the building of my faith through the women I encountered through the Legacy Groups. WOW! The faith I saw there, especially in the young women! Their grasp of God's kindness and affection was fairly new to me and touched me deeply, enabling me to approach the Father in ways I had not before. Their insightful intercession in prayer, again refreshed and equipped me every time we met. Their genuine concern for my journey with my Dad was so sincere and helpful during a very difficult season. And I found the ladies in my Community Group the same----kind and supportive. Then when my Dad did pass away, both sets of ladies rallied around me with words of comfort and with the very practical provision of some meals during the week of Dad's services.

"For such a time as this"----I have been welcomed, strengthened, encouraged and loved here at Cornerstone these last 3 1/2 years. I have been ministered to and seen the Father's kindness in bringing me here in His perfect timing. I am grateful. And now as we have grown into more ministry opportunities here, I recognize and embrace the chance to serve others, just as I have been served. I would say…Thank-You, Father and thank-you Cornerstone!