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 “Our future may look fearfully intimidating, yet we can look up to the Engineer of the Universe, confident that nothing escapes His attention or slips out of the control of those strong hands.”

-Elisabeth Elliot

No doubt you are trying to figure out how to faithfully and prayerfully respond to the coronavirus and its implications for daily life. 

One way we want to express care is by occasionally recommending helpful resources. The ones we have included below point to the Scriptures and to the promise that even in uncertainty, God is at work in every detail.

Quick Reads 

Long Reads 

  • “15 Select Chapters”— A wonderful and generous resource Westminster bookstore put together of several different parts of books on battling anxiety (over 220 pages!). 


  • CCK Legacy’s Women Podcast- Ladies, enjoy listening to the most recent episode with Jani Ortlund and Julie Lowe answering questions from our recent women’s conference.