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Sunday quotes

Here are the quotes Bill used in his message on 1 Timothy 1:18-20.  

  • “We ought to take the supernatural seriously and realize that we are in a warfare that cannot and should not be domesticated by reinterpreting everything in the biblical worldview so that it fits nicely with secular, naturalistic ways of thinking about the world.” -- John Piper
  • “The Christian has not only many enemies without, but multitudes within his own breast, that he carries about with him, and from which he cannot get free. Evil thoughts, and sinful inclinations cling to him; and many corruptions that still hold their footing in his heart are the worst enemies that grace has…these enemies are not only many, but exceeding strong and powerful, and very bitter in their animosity…seeking nothing short of the utter ruin and overthrow of grace. And they are unwearied in their opposition, so that the Christian, while he remains in this world, is represented as being in a state of warfare, and his business is that of the soldier…one whose great duty it is to fight manfully the good fight of faith.” --Jonathan Edwards, Charity and It’s Fruits
  • “The conscience is not a heavenly court but it is the highest earthly court, for it is the soul’s warning system…it either accuses or excuses us. It is to the soul what pain is to the body.” -- John MacArthur
  • “God has placed inside each one of us a conscience that acts as an early-warning system. The more you saturate your conscience with the Word of God, the better informed and more useful it will be to you.” -- John MacArthur
  • “When conscience draws lines of restriction around our life, permitting a narrower radius and smaller circumference in life than God’s Word does, inevitably this distorts our view of God. The result? We view him…in a restricted, less bountiful way…We have fallen prey to “the theology of Satan,” for this is simply an echo of his insinuations to Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden (God is not gracious and generous).” -- Sinclair Ferguson, The Whole Christ: Legalism, Antinomianism, and Gospel Assurance