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VFC's Students for Hire



About a month from now, the college students will head to Laguna beach Florida for VFC's annual spring break trip, Vision Quest. It's a major highlight of the year, and the closer it draws the more excited they get. One of the most important priorities for VFC is to be tightly connected to this church, and the church connected to the college students. One of the ways we seek to do this is through our program Students for Hire.

We started Students for Hire many years ago and we continue to do it because it's so helpful in accomplishing our vision for the church and the campus ministry. The way it works is for you to find jobs around your house that need to be done, and then employ a few students to do those jobs. In return, you help pay towards their Vision Quest trips. We've seen this program build and encourage relationships between students and families, and that might be the best part about it. So if you have a heart to participate in this, to help students get to Vision Quest and to help connect our students with the church, or if you just have some things that you need to get done around the house, there's going to be a table in the lobby after the service where you can get more information or you can sign up here.