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When Mark speaks of the gospel, he means “the good news.” In this series on Mark, we will allow ourselves to review what THE good news is. 

While Mark is the shortest gospel, it is full of details of what Jesus did (many of which are not found in the other gospel accounts). Mark was thought to be communicating for one of Jesus’ disciples, Peter. In fact, we will notice that the account is very vivid when Peter is directly involved. Peter’s direct involvement means we have an eyewitness account of the ministry of Jesus.

We believe that a study of Mark will allow us to grow in our understanding of the cross. Jesus’ death was not the death of a mere man, for his death on the cross saves us from all of our sins. Mark understands the importance of this death, and we will see the gospel slow down as we enter passion week. We can grow in Christ because the power of the cross IS that sin is BROKEN. 

Since we’ll take this series on Mark slowly, we’ll have unhurried time to meditate on the glory of Christ, finding rest for our souls, realizing that many of the things that distress us are so small. When we meditate on Christ, we have something better by far. We have something eternal. We have full relief. 

This year, we’ll seek to grow in our love for Christ. We’ll see our hope come alive. The Spirit will be our guide through the words of Mark, showing us verse by verse His glory.  We’ll be refreshed in a new way. Though our sins are many, our redeemer is able to save us from each and every one. We’ll sing with a new voice, giving Glory to the One True God. 


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