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Knoxville, TN 37922

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POST is a ministry designed for singles and young couples who are “post” high school or college ... a group of people who are working to establish their careers and discover what God has for them during this critical time of life. POST provides our church with a strategic opportunity to be a light for the city to singles and young adults. Reflected within the “P” in “POST” is a modern image of a post light. Post lights are iconic aspects of city life that signify a welcoming or gathering point for people ... a light to guide your path, to lead you to a destination. With this image in view, POST is a diverse group of people serving together to provide ... 

  1. A light to point others toward truth about God;
  2. A place to gather and build relationally; and,
  3. A context to grow spiritually.

POST will focus on ministry in the city ... where singles and young adults are normally spending their social time and where they are increasingly living ... and ministry through relationships ... relationships with each other and relationships with non-Christians. POST will also seek to foster diversity by intentionally engaging racially and ethnically diverse areas of the city.


POST will focus on five key facets:

  1. Theology
  2. Growth
  3. Evangelism
  4. Social
  5. Service



POST will help our church maintain a robust theology on singleness and the value of singles to the mission of a vibrant local church. 



Spiritual growth will be cultivated through rotating small group conversations around pertinent topics in theology, mission, social issues, and work.



Given the incredible opportunity for evangelism to singles and young adults in this city, POST will cultivate a desire to share the Gospel regularly and social gatherings will be designed in a way that integrates relationship building with evangelism.



POST seeks to take advantage of the busy Knoxville event schedule to help set our social calendar. We are trying to go where people are ... to go into their context ... rather than immediately try to persuade them to come into ours. POST will provide a robust social context for growing relationally and evangelism.



POST will have a mindset to serve Cornerstone Church, Cornerstone’s Compassion ministry, and in the community at large. As the members of POST continue to faithfully serve in the local church and through our compassion ministry, we will also seek to find opportunities to serve in the community with the intent of building relationally with those we are serving alongside.