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Samuel Series


In Search of a King

The books of Samuel begin in the period of the judges, when Israel was characterized by “doing what was right in their own eyes” (Judges 21:25) rather than by following God’s covenant, and continue into the early monarchy when Saul and David reigned as kings over Israel. Samuel himself represents the ending of the period of the judges and the beginning of a phase of prophets who call the kings and people of Israel to faithfulness to God and his covenant. The books portray Israel’s struggle to trust and obey God as their ultimate king through circumstances of corrupt leadership, the loss of the ark of the covenant to the Philistines and its restoration to Israel, a questionable request for a king by the people, the rise and fall of Saul as king of Israel, the choice and anointing of David as king to replace Saul, David’s conquest of Jerusalem and the Philistines, his bringing of the ark of God to Jerusalem, God’s promise to David concerning the reign of his descendants, David’s victories over surrounding nations, and his sin with Bathsheba and its consequences.
In this series, we will discover afresh how God demonstrated faithfulness in Israel's history to keep the earlier promises he made to the patriarchs, how God’s people should live in covenant with their divine king, how God raises up leaders from humble circumstances to lead his people in his ways, and how God made promises to David for the future flourishing of his people under a new king. Our hope is that we would learn from these books to trust and follow our divine king, to reflect the characteristics of humility, covenant faithfulness, and godly leadership commended in these narratives, to wonder at the promises God made of a future king from the line of David who would accomplish God’s purposes, and ultimately to find renewed hope in the manner in which Jesus Christ has brought God’s kingdom to us as the final substance of which the lives of Samuel, Saul, and David were only shadows.

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